Sugar, sugar! Or honey, honey?

Isn't that how the song goes? Ok, I know I am up way too late and I really have to pee but I came across a question on a blog that I wished to address.

So, if I refuse to allow my son to eat junk food, but then I have chocolate chip cookies for lunch (Don't worry. I didn't just have cookies. I also had some cookiedough.), does that mean that I'm a hypocrite, or just that I selflessly value the health of my child far more than my own?

Yes and no to your question. Yes, because if it can go in your body it should be ok to go in theirs right? (3 year old logic) and No, you know what your body can handle and know that cookies are "sometimes" foods and let's face it, we all take better care of the kids than we do ourselves.
It also depends on the child and how old they are. My kids cannot handle sugar in large quantities. They have not grown up with immense intakes. Thanks to what I know as a trainer/medical person/avid parenting magazine reader:) I made the decision to keep sugar to a minimum in our home. I did not feed my first child sugar until he was a year old. Note I say I, my mother did her best to give him what she could. His birthday cake was his first real taste of butter cream sugary goodness. The kid didn't even finish his slice. The second one I became a little more laxed and he has more of a sweet tooth BUT I still keep it to a minimum.
This is for my own weak will (as you can read more about here).
Have some limitations on "goodies" but allow your kids to enjoy them. If you are at a party have a piece of cake! Don't give them desserts late at night (for your own sake!) My kids sleep walk and talk at 2 am. The most convenient time of course. If I give them a treat it's in the afternoon so they have plenty of time to burn it off.
I think the one thing you don't want to do is not allow them to have any sugar at all. Because when they do get their hands on some they go crazy for it. Like it is forbidden fruit! Their body can't handle it either and you will get some nasty result for example...
The boys are almost four and two and a half now. One day Frankie really wanted ice cream. It was boiling outside so we decided to let them splurge and have their own DQ cone with sprinkles. As they ate I knew it was a bad idea. I could feel it! What did I get? A sugar high that ended in a crash full of tears and for the next two days diarrhea in the underwear. Yuck! So now I am back to making "healthy cookies" (they are good) and my own ice cream. It's alot of work but it does allow your kid to enjoy the sweet things in life without the nasty side effects. The best part is they like helping and they don't know the difference.
( you would like any recipes let me know.)


Downers! (not the pill kind)

My life has been full of downers this week (as some of you know who follow me on Facebook) and I have decided that I need to look back and find the silver lining. Here we go....

(five minute pause)

Frank learned how to do a cartwheel this week.

I got to work out by myself twice on top of teaching my two classes

Ollie hasn't earned a lasting bruise for over 48 hours (this is huge)

Jesse got OVERTIME!!! Who-hoo!

I went to a networking meeting for women and got about three new leads

I did a confectionary photoshoot and got to take home my "subjects" (all desserts)

Frank vacuumed my living room for fun:)

Jesse gave me a back rub

I got to listen in church today.

That wasn't too hard once I started rolling. If you really want to find what good happened in your week start writing what went wrong and end on what went right about the situation. Then, erase the negative. (Notice my spaces?) You are left with that silver lining you were looking for. I feel lighter and ready for a new week:) Have a happy week everyone!


I need a reality show

I wish I could have had a camera man walking around with me today. There were just so many little moments that were funny and cute.

Frankie is on a dress myself kick right now. Some of his recent outfits have included a pair of fairy wings and tutu, a dinosaur hat that looks like the head of a dinosaur, plaid shorts with a stripped shirt and so on. He has worn the same accessories for the past three days. A too big for him Indiana Jones like hat and too small for him black rain boots. Today we were walking across the parking lot into the gym and as he skipped ahead I loved how darn cute he looked.

We went to The Barbecue Pit for lunch today to drop in on my Uncle Gary and get some amazing bbq. While I was getting something from behind the counter the boys remained at the table. When I came back Frank was engaged in a conversation with a lady passing by.
"What a nice young man you have there. They are both adorable." She said, "He introduced himself to me. It was nice to meet you Frank." I thanked the lady, turned to the boys and Ollie had the lid off of his drink and was wearing it as a hat.
"I talked to her." Frankie said.
"I can see that. How nice of you." I replied as I tried to wipe the lemonade out of Ollie's hair. His hair is white blonde. You can even see grass stains in it.

Movie: boys sat with me and we totally vegged. Both were still almost the entire time.

We were cooped up inside alot today because it was so hot. We went to Grammie's for a quick dip though. When we got there my mom was laying down in her room. I proceeded to sneak in there while the boys were distracted and hid from them. We were just laying there talking when I hear "Mom, where are you?"
"Maybe if we are real quiet he won't find us." My mom whispered.
So we pretended to be sleeping as the door slammed open. I felt his face close to mine.
"Mom, don't go to sleep!" Frankie said as we continue to play opossum. His face got even closer and I heard Ollie padding in behind him. I lost it and began to laugh.
"What are you doing?' he asked.
"I want to be with my mom." I said.

The boys were about ready to get into the pool but they insisted I skim off the bugs first. As I was skimming Frank was dipping a mop into the pool so he could swab the deck. My kids are crazy cleaners. They think a soapy sponge is fun. As he dipped it deeper and deeper he lost his balance and fell in. All I saw as I heard the splash and turned around were his feet disappearing. He popped up and grabbed the wall as I burst out laughing. He was deciding weather or not to cry. He decided against it because I thought it was so funny.

In trying to survive the rest of the afternoon we watched a Thomas movie. As they were watching I laid down on the floor. What a bad idea. The second I was on the floor I had two boys and one dog wrestling with me all at once. It was pretty funny. At one point I had a dog chewing on my hand, a kid across my back and the other almost on top of my head. Where is a camera when you need one.

Ollie's new favorite game: Covering the parts of my face. (when you read these don't say your r's and you will understand how cute it really is.) "I cover your eyes." " I cover your ears." "I cover your nose." I didn't like that one because he stuck a finger up each nostril.

Last but not least. I was coming down the stairs after the boys had their baths and were dressed. Ollie was already down there and had found a box. For those of you who don't know a box is one of the best toys in the world. He proceeded to put the box on his head and walk around the house trying NOT to bump into things and failing miserably. I just stood and watched as he walked down the hall and (bump) the stairs (bump) the wall (bump) the door.....

What a day.


I love my jobs!

I just need a moment to be happy. I love my jobs.... ALL of them.

I love being a mom to two of the cutest little boys who make me laugh all the time. Frank and Ollie are at such a fun age right now. They play together and love to be silly with me. We have some of the best dance parties. We can go to the Zoo or Sea World without hauling the house. Life without diapers is grand!
I love being a water aerobics instructor! I get paid to work out while someone else watches my kids. I don't know of many gigs sweeter than that. I love the water, the way I feel when I am done, and love, love, love the people. They have become an extended part of my family and are supportive of all that I try and do.
I love being a swim teacher! I know my summers get crazy busy but it is SO rewarding to see these kids "get it" . We work so hard and practice over and over and then one day, BOOM, they get it. It's awesome.
I love being a photographer! Creativity is a great outlet for me and beauty is all around. I like working with people and getting them to let loose a little bit and smile. I love getting that perfect shot. The one where you say "that's it!"

I love my jobs... all of them:)


Where does all that money go?

You know how you shave down your expenditures so that you can save some money? Where does all the extra green go?

To something else you now have money for! Jesse and I trimmed down some minor stuff and saved about thirty bucks a month. What happened to that thirty dollars you might ask. It got sucked up into a new phone plan that we had to get when we upgraded our phones.
Thirty bucks, big deal. We can use it because we just saved it right? We never saved it if we just shoved it into something else!
This happens all the time and sometimes on a very large scale. Remember that car that I finally own? The $250 that we were SUPPOSE to be saving is already slipping away. I had to use it on car repairs this month.
I think that I have figured out what I am really doing. I am rearranging my money for other people to have because none of it ever stays with me.
"Money is like water. You can't hold onto it and everybody needs it." Everyone, but me because I am going to sell all of my worldly possessions and buy a farm with animals. Then I'm just going to live off the land, churn my own butter and ride a horse everywhere. Gonna stick it to the MAN! If I don't earn anything you can't take anything. Friends and family plan on contacting me by smoke signals by day and candle light Morris code by night.
Oh Jesse is going to LOVE this.


My children must be allergic to sleep!!

Kids go through phases and I understand that. Some don't sleep that well in general. Put a kid who is going through a phase together with a kid who has never been a great sleeper and you get DISASTER!!!

If we get naps our bedtime is almost nine. I put them to bed at eight and spent the next hour of my night walking up and telling them to get back in bed. Then trotting up and firmly telling them to stop climbing into each others beds and go to sleep. Finally, charging up the stairs breathing death threats before I even open the door. Once the door swings open I see the miscreants scamper towards their pillows and tell them if they get out of bed again they will get a time out. Yes, Ollie has oppted for the timeout before. GRRRRR!
If we don't get naps our bedtime is 7:30. I while away an afternoon of over tired griping, fighting, and crying. I beg the clock to march forward as the seconds trudge by. "Is it 7:30 yet?" I ask to anyone who calls. Why, sweet children. Why do you like to torture your mother so?


Back to School

There is something that I love. Learning. I love being in a classroom and receiving information that makes me go "ohhhh." I like seeing it all click. I enjoy working at something that I have never done and see it acheived. There is something that I hate. Homework. It's hard to find the time and usually it is mundane. It is unfortunate the two have to go together so often. I am learning to love homework though:) Finding the time to go back to school isn't easy. I am taking it extremely slow with one online class for six weeks before I squeeze into a few fast track classes for the fall and winter. Finding time for homework, going to class, travel time, working, taking care of the kids and house and hubby isn't easy but I am loving that my mushy brain is un-mushifying (not a word, I know.)


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