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This has been a question I have been mulling around for a while and I figure I might as well throw it out there.  In today's world of social networking, constantly being updated on what is going on in others lives how do you go about face to face interaction?  This may seem like a weird question but allow me to give an example or two.
          I was recently at a wedding of a childhood friend.  While there, I met up with many people I hadn't seen (in person) for years but I had seen via facebook just yesterday.  I kind of picked up like we had just talked a week ago and dove into a conversation about how their son was doing etc.  Is that rude?  Do I still have to do the whole: "Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you in like forever!  Please update me on the last eight years!" shpeel?  I would rather give them a hug and say "Hi, nice to see you in person... how did that thing turn out with your daughter?"  Is that wrong?
         Another example of cyber closeness turning into possibly awkward moment.  When I was at the temple I saw a friend of mine and his wife.  His wife, I had never physically met but I have read her blog and commented several times.  I would say we are cyber pals so I didn't feel weird making eye contact and waving hi.  I went over to them and being the person that I am I gave her a hug hello as well as him and chatted a while.  Now, with her in particular, I felt that I could do that but I thought later..."what is appropriate when cyber friends meet?  Is it like a weird first date kind of thing where you don't know wether to shake hands, high five, or hug?  Or, is it a case by case basis?  Hmmm.  What are your thoughts?  BTW, Sheena if you read this: we are totally friends for real now;)


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