Flower Fields- lots of pictures

When Jessica came into town we all went to the flower fields.  It was expensive but fun to enjoy the flowers.  Then we walked the Carlsbad Company Stores where the boys preceeded to SOAK themselves in the fountains.  I admit I didn't stop them even though a sign posted said I should not allow them to "stand on, sit, or wade in" said fountain.  KILL JOY!  I didn't let them wade BUT they still had fun.

my favorite picture of the day.  Ollie was leaning over a coy pond.  I love that sweet little face.

I believe this is called a Tiger Tulip?  Isn't it incredible?  A small package of four bulbs costs about twenty dollars.  The tulip was bigger than my hand!

Sean was looking very impish:)

A rare shot of my mom.  She isn't willing to take a picture by herself very often so I had to beg.

"Can we put our hands in the water?"   Seems like a reasonable request.
It all starts out so innocently...

what happens when I do this??


and this!
I had quite a few pictures and I narrowed it down to these.  In this last shot all of the boys are soaked from head to toe.  We had to strip them down to theirs shorts and try to let their shirts and shoes air dry.  It worked... sort of.


Playing Hookie

My life is filled to the brim with stuff to do.  Every second of every day is scheduled with something I should be doing.  So, when plans fall through it's like a small gift from God.  Such was this morning's beginning....
I got up this morning and went jogging hard core with the dog at 7 am.  Just me and Pepper pounding the pavement this morning with my tunes blasting for about 20 minutes.  I came home to find Jesse still in bed, my boys dressed and ready for breakfast.  Well I take that back, Frank was dressed, Ollie couldn't find his pants.  I made breakfast for the boys and me while Jesse got ready.  With everyone eating I bounded up the stairs and hopped into the shower.  After a great hot shower with no little heads poking in to check my progress, I got dressed.  Jesse's plans were to take Frank to preschool and Ollie with him to the gym.  I was on my way to North County this morning to pick up some studio equipment.  As I finished blow drying my hair and painting my face I decided to call the gentleman I was going to pick up the equipment from to be sure he was there.  No answer.  So I called his daughter, who is my friend, and asked if her Dad was home today.  Nope, he would be in Laguna Hills.  Hmmm, so what is a girl to do with over three hours of scheduled time and no where to go?
I decided to get in my car anyway and be inspired.  I went to downtown La Mesa where a bridal boutique is.  I had some business to discuss with the owner but it was before ten so all of the stores were closed except a few cafes.  I went down the street to a great little place that sells top notch gellato.  And why not?  As I sat at the table letting the cold sweetness melt in my mouth I enjoyed the moment of empty, unplannedness (is that a word?).  After consuming the decadent tiramisu/peanut butter cup combo I made my way back down to the bridal boutique.  Sparrow's Bridal Boutique on La Mesa Blvd.  Laura, the owner and I, are working on a couple of bride series photos to put in her shop.  I am so excited.  After talking business I looked at my phone...10:20!
I texted my pregnant sister Erin and asked if I could drop by (I was like 3 minutes from her house).  I came over and found out that Erin had a big problem.  She had a nasty smell in her kitchen and she couldn't find it and get rid of it and it made her sick to open the fridge and..... Ladies, does this sound like any of you pregnant?  I jumped off the couch and ran to the kitchen.  I pulled everything out of the fridge, found the culprit, destroyed it/ dumped it down the sink, and wiped down the fridge.  Erin could finally walk into the kitchen again.  Now all she needed was Submarina:)  I told her I would go get it.  My sweet sister, still in her first trimester, started to cry.  "Thank you for taking care of me."  she sobbed.  Silly husbands, they just don't understand:)  After lunch with Erin I decided I had played hookie long enough.  Back to the schedule regimented life but boy what a great vacation.


We went to the Z-O-O

Going to the zoo is not a huge deal since we have passes but I almost never bring my camera. This time I remembered it so here are some pics of our fabulous time and some of the amazing animals.

practicing our yodeling skills

The best tiger face ever!

Our attempt at a family picture

This was probably the cutest monkey there.
We had a great time. I am trying to take advantage of the time when Frank is not in school because soon he will be in kindergarten every week day and we won't have chill week days! Yikes, he's turning 5 this year.


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