I know it's been a while so I thought I would catch everyone up. Jesse is on with Barona fire dept. Thank goodness that's over! Now we just have to trudge through the probation year. He likes the people he works with but the station is a little slow. That's right, 90% of their calls come from the casino right across the street. Half of the "action" is someone who's sugar is getting low and won't leave their slot machine. They could win at any moment you know! Instead of winning they pass out, hit the floor and viola! Jesse gets a call. Then there's the other half of the casino calls. Those are the people who forget to step off the moving sidewalk when it ends. The small ten percent that is left are the gnarly car wrecks around the reservation and other calls that take more than a two minute response time. He's hangin' in there. I am working in the water, as usual but no private lessons this year. Gas is outrageous and I want to be a mom this summer. I am already enjoying less stress and more fun with the boys. I have started a local playgroup and we are in for a good summer. I have also indulged myself by buying a brand spankin' new digital SLR camera. I won't give all the specs, that would sound like bragging, but I will say it is the top of the line Canon rebel XLT, 12.2 mega pixels and I LOVE IT!!!!! I am having fun seeing what it can do. I bought it so I can start up my photography business. It's a hobby I love so I might as well make money loving what I'm doing or doing what I love or something like that. Frank is 2 1/2. I don't know if there is much more to say:) He is a fire truck junky. We walk by the station up in Crest almost every morning. Every morning he calls out "hi fire truck, hi brush rig, hi rescue, hi green fire tuck" and then "there's the ambulance" as he points to the battalion chief's truck. If anyone wants to know what to get him just go to youtube and type in lots and lots of fire trucks. Its a video for $20 bucks with, you guessed it, lots, and LOTS of fire trucks! Oliver is 14 months. He is signing, walking, and jabbering all day long. He likes to drum on anything and he thinks blowing raspberries on other people is HILARIOUS! He is at the age that I love. He's a cuddle bug and a wonderful dancer. He also like to color. It takes some convincing that the crayon looks better on paper than around the mouth so we use a magna doodle alot. We still have dex and have added a new pet: Kaw the snake. His favorite hang out is around my neck. I've scared a few people when I open the door with my live necklace. My visiting teacher almost flew off the porch. That's about it for now


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