Weird Allergies

I have always been allergic to weird things... avocados, carrots, cantaloupe, kiwis.  After having two children I see my condition worsening.  My melon allergy got worse and I had to be careful about other things I ate.  I was in Costco with my mom one day and we picked up a sample of yogurt.  As we were eating it I began to feel my throat closing making it harder to swallow and breath.  I stop eating the yogurt and we went back to find out what was in it.  Flax seed powder!  It just so happened that I was now extremely allergic to flax seed and any other seed oil on some degree.  I thought that was a new level of weird until Wednesday.
I peeled and sliced a mango for breakfast in the morning and while I was cutting the fruit I cut off some of the seeds spiny outside.  As I ingested that little part of the seed husk I had a massive allergic reaction.  I stumbled out of the kitchen, feeling knives in my throat, as I rummaged for some Benadryl in our medicines container.  No pills... AAGH! (like I could swallow them anyway).  Then I spotted the children's Benadryl!  Three teaspoons ought to do it!  I gagged down the horrifically sweetened medicine thinking "How do my kids stand this stuff?"  Praying that the direct contact would ease my suffering.  Reeling, I held onto the counter waiting for relief and tried to calmly answer my children's "are you ok mommy." mantra.  I swear a child will ask the exact same question a million times until they are answered.  Yes I am still alive to tell the story but who knows what my body will react to next:)  


May Gray

I love San Diego cloudy days.  They aren't too hot and "all you need is a light jacket."  It makes me want to hang out at home and bake bread.
I was talking to my water aerobics class today about our current forecast.  Some people say that San Diego has the best weather on earth.  I don't know about that but I must admit we do have it pretty darn good.  We have little to no extremes, sunny skies about 89% of the time and our beaches burn off marine layers fast enough to enjoy the day.  We are blessed and spoiled with such luxuries which is why I know I could never leave.  Harken all ye San Diegans, look around and enjoy today!


Way behind...

Ok, so I am way behind on blogging but a quick update.  Went on vacation to San Jose to visit Dextrose (the dog we had to give away): rode horses, swam, played Wii (Frank is a rockin' bowler), saw Monterey Bay Aquarium, Golden Gate Bridge, Gherdelli's Square, Cable Cars, China Town, and hung out with Dex's awesome new family.  Got back: Turned 26, shot a wedding and am still doing laundry from the trip.  Picture when I get the time but here are two that must go up.  

Frankie shouting Yeehaw!
Ollie, just extatic to be on a horse not a pony.


From the Mouth of Babes..

We were in Fast and testimony meeting today.  Jesse had to take Ollie out for a little "wiggle time" so Frank and I were sitting together listening to the testimonies.  Well, I was sitting and listening Frank was driving a car on the bench and trying to keep his car noises quiet.  All of a sudden he comes up to me and says "Mommy, I wanna talk."

The first image that came to my mind was him standing in front of the congregation and making animal sounds into the mike but the feeling I got was he can do it.  I sat for a moment and explained to him what to do.  I told him people go up there to talk about Jesus, the church, and how much they love the scriptures.  We are serious and do not play around when we bear our testimony.
"Can you do that?" I asked
"Ok," he nodded.
As we were sitting and waiting our turn I was more anxious than when I bear my own testimony.  He sat there quietly waiting and listening to the people before him.  When his turn arrived I got the stool and he stepped up.  Our building is older and the podium does not move so his head barely came up to the mike.  I don't know if anything but blonde hair could be seen by the congregation.
"Dear Heavenly Father, thankful for this day.... I'm thankful for my daddy.  I'm thankful for my mommy.  I love Jesus.  He is my friend.  In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." 
I would love to say he came up with that all by himself but he did not.  I helped.  The thing that touched me was that he took it so seriously.  He wasn't silly.  He spoke clearly and he meant what he said.  I am so amazed at Frank's maturity of Spirit.


Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Sugars

Listed above are the real four major food groups.  Lets not kid ourselves here.  But how much of what do we eat?  What do we avoid?  How do we know when we've eaten too much?  The answer to the last question is usually written on our hips, right?  I have looked at diets and philosophies.  I have seen the pills and restrictive portions/meals.  Something just didn't jive.  I kept looking and found something that really makes sense.  Suzanne Somers has a food combination philosophy that totally makes sense.  Don't be a hater.  I know some of you are thinking "She's been skinny her whole life.  What does she know besides the fact that she's got great genes." 

Not so my friends.  She came to LA to start her acting career at 29 and 20lbs over weight.  It's alot when your in front of the camera.  After years of yoyo dieting she discovered food combining from her son's french in-laws.  Through her research and books she has made it simple to recognize what to eat together, how to put it together with stellar recipes and what to avoid.  It's all about chemistry.  I think the reason I like this "diet book" is because it isn't a diet.  It is a lifestyle.  You can eat whatever you want.  It's about how you put it together.  Certain foods need a certain stomach environment to be digested and used properly by the body.  Fruits and carbs need an acidic environment and proteins and fats need a basic environment.  As I read her book I am enjoying her recipes and her insight.  She is over 60 and still looks fabulous.  Check out her website or her books.  You won't be disappointed.


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