The world is a big place

Recently Ollie has realized that we live somewhere.  We don't just live "here", we live in the city of Lakeside.  He also learned that we live in the state of California and that we live on Earth.  These are important facts to know and ones that need to be explored.  

He figured out the whole planet issue when he asked me if we could go to Earth.  I told him that is where we were.  "No," he laughed "where WALL-E lives!"  I explained to him that the earth WALL-E lived on was make believe.  He accepted that.
A couple weeks back Erin, Frank, Ollie, and I were shopping at Vons.  The checker and the bagging girl started cooing over the boys.  Their blonde hair makes it impossible NOT to notice them.  When we were almost done checking out Ollie looks up at the bagger and says "Do you live with us... in California?" (imagine him saying California like the Govenator)  She laughed and confirmed her residency.  "Oh." Ollie replied.  He almost looked confused like "how can you and my family BOTH live in California?"
Discovering the world is bigger than your backyard is an intense thing!  I hope he is up for that:)  


Anyone can be a model

All you need is the proper motivation.  I was doing a preggers shoot with my sister recently at my Mom's house.  She looked amazing by the way.  During one of her wardrobe changes my boys came in and asked me to take some pictures of them.  Here is what I got.

Yup, even Erin got into it.  To see some more pictures of Erin click here


Get in the picture

Being a photographer I am the worst at getting in family pictures!  I am always the one behind the camera taking pictures of my adorable kids and watching my husband play.  For Jesse's birthday this year we spent it with his Mom up in Carlsbad.  I turned my camera on auto and went to play with my family.  My mother in law is by no means a professional but she did a great job catching some of our fun on camera.  The moral of the story:  pass the camera off every once in a while and go enjoy yourself.

we made him a muscle man... you can kind of tell.

It may not have me in it but this is my favorite picture of the whole day;)


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