It's about time to introduce this little girl

Lucy Louise Wattson was born at 12:30pm on october 5, 2013.  I know this post is long in coming!  I don't think I will be sharing my birth story quite yet.  It was pretty intense!  What I can say is we are happy she is here.  She is cute as can be and yes she also has a sensitive stomach.  BOOO!  Did I really think this one might be different?  We are learning what works for her and what foods are taboo for me.  Until I am ready to post my "bringing Lucy into the world" story here are a few pictures and a little of what is going on.
Getting some fresh air

Sporting the sparkly kicks

Hangin with mama

Family day at Natural Bridges Beach

She's got those baby blues

All my boys.  They are getting so big.  I have the grocery bill to prove it.  I wish I had the energy to type more but things are getting better so we will be blogging more soon.


While we are waiting

(I started this before Lucy Lou was born)

So, it is a day after my due date and I am ready to be done.  While we are waiting for angel girl how about a post about the happenings around these here parts.  I really am loving it here.  Mountain living is growing on me.  I found a pool!!  There is a YMCA less than 10 minutes from my house with a masters swim program.  I am no longer without water!  Thanks to awesome neighbors I have been able to go a couple of times to get the weight off my body and enjoy some me time.  The boys love their school and their teachers.  Being the crazy mom I am, I volunteered to arrange yearbook pages for each of their classes.  I want to be involved where I can.  
I am so grateful for our home, even with its problems.  We moved in and I noticed it smelled like pot.  Apparently, the last tenants were growers.  Ugh!  Our landlord did his best to get rid of the smell but it was still pretty strong. After a few air fresheners, disinfectant, odor neutralizers, and some paint things are getting better.  Our next problem was a broken heater!  Thanks to my awesome brother in law we got the correct part for a great price and got it installed.  My boys are grateful to not have to sleep with three blankets or a 0 degree sleeping bag anymore.  
Unpacking has been a process... An ongoing process.  On Thursday I got some pictures up and hung some curtains on the living room.  Jesse comes home and says, "Who did all this?"
 I was so annoyed I almost smacked him.  "Who do you think," I retorted.  
"This is a lot.  I just didn't expect you to do this."
"We'll, somebody has got to do it!!" (Please excuse the nesting crazy pregnant lady.)
So now our house is somewhat put together, all laundry is done, linens are changed, shopping is finished, and some dinners are pre-made in the freezer.  We are ready for you Lucy.
The Y pool
Watching Handy Manny with tools
Singing to Lucy... who isn't out of my belly yet.


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