Charlie is here

Yes, he came.  July 8th at 2:08 am little Charlie came into the world and has made our lives complete.  Aside from the usual baby stuff (sleeping 3-4 hours at a time at night) he is an easy baby.  He can put himself to sleep and loves to be held.  The boys are smitten with him and love to help me all the time.  My delivery was good.  I had to be induced because they measured my water and it was 1.5 liters lower than average.  The baby was in no distress at the time and they wanted to keep it that way so to my delight they suggested induction.  What?  I get to have my baby three days before my due date?  Woo-hoo!  We decided to induce nice and slow so I could labor as natural as possible but I won't go into the details too much.. gross.  I received an epidural about 7 hours in and they broke my water.  After about two more hours they started pitocin and within another hour and a half I told the nurse I felt the need to push.  In less than ten pushes Charlie came out loud and proud.  Jesse, as always, was a great coach.  Our nurse mid-wife was fantastic too.   Here are some pictures to commemorate Charlie's birth.

Me at 11 hours.  I know I look amazing... haha!  I believe this was taken as a contraction was coming on.

Charlie's first picture.  Not too happy about the flash!

Our nurse mid-wife, Mimi

After camping out on Mt boobious for about a half an hour.

Proud Dad

Super excited brothers!  Look at my handsome sons:)

Frank's first time holding Charlie.  He is still trying to keep count of how many times he has held him.

Oliver's first time holding Charlie.  Ollie calls himself the medium brother

My handsome guy at about a week old.

We are all doing well and adjusting to having our new family member.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


Typical Summer Day

So I woke up this morning determine to fill this day with things to do.  Lately, with baby on the way, I have kept our schedule open in hopes he will arrive and change my life in the crazy ways that babies do.  Today was going to be different!  I decided to ignore my aching hips and non-productive contractions and have a good day with the kids.
             We started with going to the library in the morning around 9:45.  The library at Lindo Lake has a new craft for the kids to make every week.  Today we made Chinese fans.  After coloring and folding and gluing the fans the boys and I went to work picking out books for us to read this week.  We are part of the San Diego County Library Summer Reading Club.  We keep a log of when and what the kids read and after 300 minutes they earn something.  I don't know what yet.
  I also found some easy readers for Frank to master for his at home reading chart.  Every time he can read me a book without any help he gets a sticker on his chart.  After three stickers he gets to pick from my prize bag.  Once he gets really good we will have to extend the amount of stickers but you get the idea.  Frank really does love to read BUT he will make up words or insert words so he can keep going instead of sounding things out and really looking at what he is reading.  So, using the chart, we are working on his concentration.
We happened to be at the library during Toddler Story Time too.  The boys had fun reading, singing, and being silly with the lady in charge and there was quite a group of kids too.  Once we were done at the library we went by the 99 cent store for some shopping.  I found some great shade flowers called impatience to plant.  Once we got home and grabbed a small snack I looked at my watch.  11:50?  Seriously???  I felt like we had done so much.
The boys and I headed out into the heat to plant my flowers in the shade and transplant my basil and pepper plants from pots to the full sun flower bed.  We worked the soil to make it hospitable for the new plants.  Ollie and Frank were my water carriers since our hose is on the opposite side of the house.  Together we sweat, planted, and watered and FINALLY finished.  As I walked back into the house I figured we should make lunch.  After lunch I looked at the clock again, 1:15?  Holy hanna!  What else is there to do?  The POOL!
We changed into our suits.  Ollie and Frankie dutifully held out their arms as I sprayed them down with sunscreen.  The boys rode their bikes and I walked down to our community pool where we swam until three.  Our pool is heated to roughly 87 degrees so after about 15 minutes it doesn't feel that refreshing to me but getting the weight off of my back is heaven.  Once we were home again I decided we needed to make a healthy snack of frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.  Oh so good!  If you haven't tried this activity with your children it is so fun.  Get the packet at the store that is by the bananas and just do it.  You will thank me.  Bananas and chocolate consumed the boys decided they wanted to play outside again.  So, here I sit.  Looking at the clock and still not believeing it is not five or later.  The boys are playing nicely outside without me refereeing for the first time today and my belly is contracting once again.
We were busy and productive.  I feel accomplished knowing my TV has stayed off for the majority of the day.  Tomorrow....... we'll see.

Update- while writing this the boys decided to take it upon themselves to wash Jesse's truck.  Would have been a good idea except we had floor boards that are going to go around the whole inside of our house under neath the truck.  I just spent the last 10 minutes getting twelve 25ft pieces off of the wet cement and laying them as flat as possible across the truck bed and various trash cans.  So, when you come home dad, act surprised about the "clean" truck NOT the possibly warpped pieces of wood.


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