Smelly, smelly, smelly!

I am not one to complain but I have never been this sick with a pregnancy before.  I know some women are much worse but I am so tired and nauseous.  I have done the B-6 suppliments and that had helped some what but seriously, the smells are out of control.  Jesse opened a package of chicken about a week ago and I had to bolt upstairs to my room and shut the door until he was done cooking it.  I can eat it, just can't smell it.  I can't go shopping without holding my sleeve to my nose when I go buy meat.  My kids eat nothing but cold cereal and yogurt for breakfast when Jesse isn't around because the smell of eggs gets to me.  I walked into the house this morning and smelled burned toast and almost gagged.  Worst of all was Monday.
I took my dog to a park where I could take her off leash.  The off leash area was around a pond and weeds.  I was ok with the smell of pond water so I let her go.  Pepper took off like a shot and ran, and ran, and ran. I would whistle and she would come check in with me and then take off again.  When it was time to put her back on the leash I whistled.  She didn't come right away so I whistled again.  I still did not hear her crashing through the brush.  I started to walk and call her name when I heard her coming.  As Pepper came streaking for me at full speed I noticed she had gotten something on her back and neck.  Oh well, I thought.  But, as she came closer I smelled the horrible smell of human feces.  HOW THE HECK DID SHE GET IT ON HER BACK?!?!!  DID SOMEONE POOP ON A BRANCH FOR FUN?  I was so upset!  I got the leash around her neck, got her to the back of the car, and raced home with all the windows open.  Unfortunately, Jesse was at work.  I had to hose her down and wash her twice.  I am happy to say I did this without throwing up though there was plenty of gagging involved.  So if you think your day is going crappy remember this story, laugh, and realize it could be worse.


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