Engineer vs Imagineer

Frank is my literal, unimaginative child.  My sister took him to a playground once and said " Let's pretend the sand is lava!"  Frankie replys "but it's not lava.  It's sand."
"I know," says Heidi "but let's pretend. "
"But it's sand." Frank retorts.
Ollie, on the other hand, is extremely imaginative.  He is always showing me his "animals", making his stuffed animals come to life, and telling me stories.  Did you know Darth Mal is part rhino?  That is why he has horns. 
Last night, I played build a story with the boys.  We start with a character and setting then add a few sentences about what is going on.  I started then tossed the ball to Frank for his turn.  Jack, our character, was on the moon.  Frank says "and he flew home."  He passes the ball to Ollie.  Ollie says " he likes being home and plays with his toys."  Ball to me:  Jack decides he wants to fly again so he builds a rocket.  Ball to Frank:  and flies to outerspace.  Ball to Ollie: And he flies to Mars!  Then he meets an alien!  The alien says to watch out for the captain alien cuz he's mean but all the other aliens are nice.....
As you can see Ollie caught on pretty quick.  The next story we did poor Frank kept ending the story with his turn.  After a few revivals he gave up and didn't I know what to say.  Ollie kept giving his suggestions.  Seeing this happen last night I know Frank will need to exercise his imagination a bit.  I can see both boys as adults.  Ollie will think up crazy things to build and Frank will be able to use concrete materials to build them all.  Thus, my engineer and imagineer.


Living in the moment

Sometimes, as a mother, I worry too much about maintaining my children instead of being with them.  I make sure laundry is clean,  dishes are done, chores are completed, homework is taken care of.  I drive them here, shop for groceries.  Drive them there, shop for groceries.  Pick them up, drop them off, shop for groceries.  Notice a pattern?
I decided awhile ago that I needed to be a little more in the moment with my kids so everyday I try to do something a little out of the ordinary, surprising, or just plain irresponsible.
Yesterday the boys and I listened and danced to Michael Jackson while setting the table.  We may or may not have continued to dance during dinner.
It's the little things like that I know my kids will remember most.  So,  go ahead.  Ignore the laundry and read your kids two or three books tonight at bed time.  Don't forget to do the voices:)


Taking a leap!

I am not one to put myself out there when it comes to my art.  Singing, no problem.  For some reason when I am given a chance to submit a photography piece for something I bow out.  I do this alot!  I have displayed once and was frustrated with the fact that people did not understand what I was trying to communicate.  I did the bridal phrase "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." with four seperate images.  Though I felt it was obvious not as many people got it as I had hoped.  That isn't the issue though. The big issue is I fear rejection.  I fear people looking at it and saying, "meh, it's ok."  I don't mind my peers constructive criticism.  I mind the girl-next-door not liking it.  I don't know why this is.  You are never going to please everyone.
Well, no more.  I have submitted four art pieces to choose from and one or two might be selected to be show cases sometime in June at a local gallery.  What???  Here is what I sent in.

Sea Ranch Northern California: The North Shore

La Jolla Shores: Alone but not Lonely

San Diego Zoo Hippo Exhibit: Coming up for Air

Kellogg Park: Free
 Even if I don't have a shot in Hades I tried.


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