It's Raining

It's raining.

The parched ground drinks deeply.
Pitter raindrops patter softly
on every surface.
Dry riverbeds flow.
Flowers and trees revive.
Mother Earth is washed clean again.

Like anxious ants, people scurry about
looking for shelter.
The only ones not reveling in God's
musical... not me.
Here I sit.
Quiet, still, listening.
The premature night envelopes me
It's raining.


Up all night...

I have been up all night getting ready for my photography event tomorrow. I am shooting a charity event with a fashion show. I get a vendor table, which I can't man while I am shooting so I am making flyers, coupons, and chocolates to entice people to come over and have a look. I hope this will boost my business. We'll see:) Those of you who want to come it's from 1-5pm in La Mesa. 8384 La Mesa Blvd. I hope to see some friends:)


By request...

here are the sassy red heels I wrote a love letter to on my blog. I was at a Christmas party for my husband's company and Santa hadn't shown up yet. That's his chair I am in. The photographer and I had been talking shop earlier. He called me over and told me to throw my feet over the side of the chair. Now, as most of you know I am incredibly shy.. hee.. haha.... hahahaha! I was totally game and we did a little mini shoot with um, everyone watching. Here is the best one. Aren't they devine?


New Year's Resolution

Loose weight...It's on everyone's list right? Well now you don't have to do it alone and you will have some sweet motivation as well. Check out the contest here . The coolest part? If you spread the word by posting this on your blog you get entered to win a $50 gift card! Who doesn't need free money? What are you waiting for???


Inspiration has many names... mine is named Chicken.

Yup that's right. Frank is at the age of budding creativity. He is pretending more... mostly pretending to shoot and kill bad guys with guns made out of Thomas the Tank Engine train tracks. Sometimes he just makes up silly names for things or sings what he is thinking. Let me tell you, that is entertainment.

For Christmas Frankie got a stuffed cat from his preschool teacher to go along with the book If You Give A Cat A Cupcake. After opening the gift and shoving it in our faces with delight over his new stuffed pet I asked him what his cat's name was.
"Burger," he said after a moment. My husband and I left it at that.
The next morning we asked Frankie what his cat's name was "Chicken," he replied.
"I thought his name was burger." I said.
"No, it's Chicken." Apparently this cat looked more like a Chicken than a Burger. So, Chicken it is. We have accepted Chicken for who he is and have even created a story in his honor. Frankie and Ollie wanted me to make up a story one night for bedtime so I did. They liked it so much I decided to write it down and try to get it published. Be prepared! I might post a draft or two on this blog for all you moms to try out on your kids to see what works. Will you all be my test group??


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