Is it Chemisty???

Seriously, Jesse and I just attract emergency situations.  We went on a date last night.  First to dinner and then a night cruise on the motorcycle.  Let me just say, chaps ROCK!!  I got mine last night and it made the ride so much more enjoyable.  Anyway, we cruised up a fun windy road on the reservation where Jesse works and just took in the stars.  It was so fun. On the way back we stopped by a gas station.  As we were filling up the bike we heard a clanking noise coming our way.  We looked to see what it was and saw a small sedan pulling into the gas station that sounded like it needed 5 quarts of oil.  The vehicle pulled up to an air and water station and the driver emerged.  A woman in black, from shirt to high heeled boots, stepped out of the car.  She hugged a thin tan sweater around her and within two steps almost face planted on the concrete.  Obviously drunk as a skunk, she swayed and wobbled her way to the convenient shop.

" Um, I don't think she should be driving," I said nodding over to her acrobatic attempt to step onto the curb.
" I'll have the store call tribal enforcement," Jesse sighed, throwing his gloves into his helmet as he walked away.
Ok, crisis averted right?  Tribal enforcement can take care of a lady too drunk to drive... only if she stays there until they get there.
The woman was slurringly asking anyone for help with her tire.  Jesse figures that changing it would stall her long enough for the "authorities" so he tells her that he will help her change her spare.  They walk over to the car and there is no tire to change!  The front tire is ripped off and the whole front side is streaked with paint barren scrapes!  That clanking noise we heard was her riding in on her rim.  
"Oh!" she exclaims, "somebody must have hit me."  RED FLAG!!  She doesn't even recall HOW the front tire came to non-existence.  Jesse takes the keys out of her hands and tells her she's not going anywhere and that the police are on their way.  She starts to argue with him saying she's fine, yadda, yadda, just had a few sleeping pills, yadda, yadda.  I decide to leave the bike to help because she starts to grab at Jesse and fight for her keys.  
"You touch me again and I will lay you on the ground, now sit down." Jesse says as he plants her on the curb.  She sulks for a moment then says she wants to sit in her car. 
  What the freak, where is tribal enforcement so I can go home?  You are totally ruining my date, chick! 
 She gets up and I tell her Jesse is serious.  She insists she needs to get to her car.  So we escort her to her car so she'll sit quietly.  She reaches in and grabs a 20 oz glass out of a cup holder  brimming with wine and dumps it onto the asphalt.  She rolls the cup under the car and then looks around like "I didn't do it.".  Yea, didn't see that honey.
Our sotally tober driver sits quietly for about thirty seconds when she decides to try to get her keys again.  She begs "Please, my children, I need to go to my children."
  Jesse stiff arms her once to put her in the seat.  She gets up again, drunks just don't get it, and Jesse takes her to the ground.  That is considered citizens arrest so now we are stuck there until CHP shows up.  LAME!!!  Anyway, we finally got to go home after two tribal enforcement cars, two sheriff cars, and one CHP car are on scene Oh and a partridge in a pear tree.  I guess it was better to meet up with her in the parking lot than have someone else meet her car on that windy road.  Just a recap in 2009 alone we have stop for a guy with a dislocated shoulder and had to citizen arrest a woman loaded with sleeping pills and alcohol.  Maybe I should start keeping a tally.


My first school event... what do you think?

Lately, I have been busy with the florist portfolio work but I also did an elementary school event.  It was a mother son Super Bowl Party.  It was my first studio, mass production shoot and I learned alot.  

#1: Don't start until you are 100% READY!  I was still setting up and people were beginning to get in line and pay.  I hadn't taken my test shots, or event finished setting up my tripod.  The event started at six and they were there at 5:45 for pictures.  I was stupid and let the crowd rush me instead of rushing them out the door.  As a result I got sub par pictures for the first few shots.  I'm sure the moms will like them but I was not satisfied and photoshop can't fix everything!
#2: Reflectors are key: I didn't have one because I thought I would have enough light all around but as light travels it gets lost SO I got harsher shadows than what I thought because I didn't have the compensation coming opposite my flash.  
#3: Make a check list AND double, triple check the list before you leave.  I had what I needed by the door but one thing didn't make it in my car.... my tripod!   Luckily, I go to every shoot I do INSANELY early so I had time to go get it, but still, unnecessary aggravation and stress.
I only had one technical "foul" (reflectors) for my first big event.  It went well once we got rolling and I got some really cute shots.  Check out my photography blog to the left and let me know what you think


I feel dirty...

Why is it that TV has sunk so low or should I say our society has allowed so much?  I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, a medical show at that, and the first thing I see is two girls totally going at it.  This is suppose to be a medical drama not girls gone wild and let me say it was much more than an alluding look, touch and closing of the door.  I'm ok with that.  I get it, I can let the imagination fill in the rest.  If I wanted to see lesbian love making I would look for it.  It seems, now a days, one does not have to look for inappropriate material it just jumps out at you from the main stream.  Why?  Why does our society keep allowing the envelope to be pushed more and more in the name of tolerance.  I don't drop to my knees in a restaurant, fling my arms towards heaven and loudly praise God for the pancakes and eggs I'm about to consume.  I don't slap a mom in the face and yell at her to be a parent for not disciplining her daughter after the little girl maimed my son's face for existing. (no joke, Ollie did nothing.  Apparently he was standing in her way).  I don't yell back at the Mexicans who constantly call my boys racial names.  For the record, I might as well sling back "beaner" when they say "juanito."  It's not extremely offensive, but it's rude.  I am so done with society being indiscreet, indecent, rude, or just plain push overs (mom at the park).  I have been taught my whole life to "tolerate" and "understand".  "Boo" to my upstanding upbringing!  Oh how I feel like rebelling!  "Boo" to TV, how you have desensitized us all! "Hiss" to the indiscreet Christians who pray in the streets, hoping others will see them... you have your reward.  "Boo" to all you people who have no backbone.  You are the parent, act like it (can you tell I'm a little upset about this?)!  "Hiss" to the racial tendencies of our society.  Everyone is a little bit racist but that does not mean you need to share it!  Sorry for the rant, but I was hoping it would cleanse my soul from all the nasty things that has happened to me in the span of 48 hours.... it did.          


Tug o war and Trains

We love our little Willis dog.  He makes our lives so much fun.  I admit, our family still misses Dextrose.  Frankie asks for 'my Dex' every once in a while.  One day Frank said he didn't want Willis anymore and he wanted to return him so he could have Dex back.  I wish it were that easy kiddo.  I explained to him that Dex went to a new home with two other dogs that needed a new doggie brother.  He seems to accept this explanation contingent on our visiting Dex and his new family.  The family that took Dex told us any time we wanted to come up and see him we could.  Seriously, how could we ask for a better home for him????  Anyway, Frank is beginning to see that though Willis cannot be ridden on he is still alot of fun.  Frank and Ollie got involved in a little tug o war match with Willis a few nights ago.  It takes both of them to give Willis a run for his money.  He may have stubby legs but he is pretty strong.  Here is a video and some pics of my rough and tumble brood.

Frank and Willis 
Ollie and Willis

Of course when I finally got the camera out and shot some video Ollie decided not to participate but still, way cute.

A train, a train, a train, a train, would you, could you, on a train??
We went to Balboa Park's free Tuesday and got to see the TRAINS!  That's all Ollie could say over and over again.  The locomotive heaven put him in a complete state of euphoria.  He would walk from platform to platform, window to window.  "Train, train, train."  "Wow, train."  You get the picture.  They had a special display of Lego trains too.  It was way cool.  
Funny side story.  
Those of you who know me well know that my husband is a fire medic.  He's the Ricky Rescue type: he's never off duty.  We were almost to the park, coming down a steep grade.  On our way down we see a bicyclist flat on his back and his riding partner coming back up the hill.  Jesse begins to slow the car.  "We're going to stop, aren't we?" I ask annoyed.  Partly because I have to wait in the car with the kids and partly because I might miss seeing something potentially cool (call me a weirdy, the EMT is still in me).  As Jesse is getting out of the car Frank asks "were is Daddy going?"  
"He's going to help people," I said "because that's what he does."
"Oh," Frank replied, like that was the most logical explanation in the world.  SOOOOOoooo, Jesse gets out our over intense first aid kit and heads over.  Soon after, an unmarked police car pulls up.  The cop calls it in and within five minutes two more cop cars show up and a fire truck.  Frankie was out of his seat crawling all over the car.  "Mommy, look, there's one, two police cars and (long sharp inhale)  a FIRE TRUCK!!!!  We got front row seats to see a call in action and my son couldn't get enough of it.  In case you were wondering about the person lying flat on his back he had a dislocated shoulder.  Dang it!  I did miss something cool.  The funniest part about all this, our over intense first aid kit didn't have the one thing Jesse needed... a triangle bandage!  Welp, better put it on the list. ( the police officer had a small first aid kit in his car and he had one.  Shame on me.  I have IV bags and every gauge needle, bulk dressings and ace wraps but NO triangle bandage.... curses!) 


Depression is never easy

It doesn't matter how it comes on but it sure is hard to shake.  I have been one to struggle with depression for most of my life and every new wave of change seems to shake my foundation and set me unsteady for weeks or months to come.  I do not waver in my faith.  I know the gospel is true.  I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I know that families can be together forever.  I have been lucky enough to have been taught that by my family.  Even luckier to see some of them go on before me and have that reaffirmed to my mind.  That is not what makes my inner soul quake.  It's missing the loved ones lost.  It's loosing faith in myself and, sometimes, it is something completely unexplainable that grabs hold and drags at my subconcious continually.  I can't concentrate.  I become short tempered with my children.  I continually argue with myself about how I'm acting (just think PMS magnified to about 20).  I want to sleep all the time or not sleep at all just to make myself miserable.  I want to eat all the time, you know, all the comfort foods and all the foods that make you feel fat.... wait that is comfort food.  It's in those low moments that I begin to pray with more earnest.  Not kneel down to whine but just talk to my Heavenly Father about what is going on and beg for guidance.  It's in those low moments that I remember to turn to my scriptures and other uplifting material.  It's in those low moments that I make myself jog with the two kids in a stroller and dog in tow instead of walk.  Those moments help me to realize I am the only person who can make myself rise.     


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