Christmas Weekend

Christmas Day was fabulous! The boys woke up to this in the living room.

and turned it into this... Pepper's Christmas present was all the wrapping paper.
Here they are in their cute chef sets. Frankie's hat is a little big. I gave the wrong size to Allie, SORRY:) They love them. Ollie went over to my mom's house in his.
Our Christmas was fun and filled with family. Happy New Year everyone!


Sassy red heels

Dear Sassy,

I cannot tell you how many times I have been out looking for the perfect pair of red heels and have come up short. Too strappy, too low, too high, too orangey, too shiny, too pointy etc. I had a vision of what I wanted yet heart broken and frustrated I settled. Oh so many times did I settle. My closet is a pink and red graveyard of second rate heels. But then I found you! Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks. When I slip you on I feel prettier. I praise Steve Madden for creating such a perfect shoe. Red satin heels, not trashy high, with a little peek of toe. What a perfect blend of beauty you are. You make my legs look amazing and spruce up anything I wear you with. Hail to accessories! Bringing life to my simple wardrobe is what you do best. I love it!
Your Faithful Wearer


Tired but not sleepy

Here I sit Sunday night tired from the day but with a buzzing brain. My thoughts are a jumble of bouncy balls pinging about in my head. I have alot going on and I try to supress it so I can enjoy life day to day.

I am a future thinker. I always try to think about my future and plan out what to do and which path to take. I weigh my options. Look at past experiences. Try to make the best choices and eleminate major changes in my life. Slightly nurotic? Yes. Do I recognize this control freak in me as a problem.... yes.
It is crippling to my spiritual connection and eternal perspective. Jesse has been trying to apply for a new fire department and I have been limiting him to San Diego County. If any of you haven't noticed there aren't too many jobs around here. My life is good here. I love my home and being close to my family. I love my jobs and my business is growing. I am finally establishing some connections for my photography. I was so afraid of moving away from family and going through "Colorado" all over again. I got physically sick when Jesse applied out of state and almost got the position. In an attempt to avoid that I put up my front. Jesse was getting really frustrated with me. One night when I was praying and trying to connect I felt this urge to ask Jesse for a priesthood blessing. I could feel the holy ghost trying to communicate to me but it felt like someone talking to me underwater. I didn't know what was being said. All I knew for sure was that the Lord had something to tell me.
After finishing my garbled prayer I asked Jesse for a blessing. When he asked for what all I could say was I felt like I was not getting what the Lord was trying to say to me about something. Real specific right??
As he began his blessing, clarity rippled through my mind. He told me to not be afraid. To trust that the Lord has a plan and home is where your family is. As in my husband and my sons. Jesse told me exactly what was being said "under water." The spirit confirmed what he told me as I cried with relief and cowardice. I should have been stronger, but it is better to acknowledge a fear openly so you can work through it.
So now, here I am. Living day to day and enjoying the here and now. I have finally opened my arms and said "Here Lord. You take it. I'll go where you want me to go." Now if I could just get rid of those bouncy balls.


Rainy day

I know that I have not blogged in FOREVA but I had a good excuse. I'll write about that another time or I may not tell you at all.....anyway.

We have had plenty of rainy days lately and if any of you have kids you know it's hard to keep them inside for too long. One day on the way home from running errands Frank says
"I want to make a boat."
Random. Jesse and I just smiled and nodded.
"Ok, buddy." we said, thinking nothing more of it. When we got into the house Frank said it again... and again. I finally figured out what he was talking about. Last year when it rained our patio flooded. So I pulled out some paper plates, cut sails out of computer paper, made a mast out of a pen and stuck it to the plate with playdoh. We then sailed our ships on the lake of our back patio. Frank remembered that from last year!
Jesse, being the how-to king that he is, got on line and found out how to fold a paper boat. Remember those? We made on for each of the boys. They colored them with crayons and then we went hunting for running water. We walked for a while but finally found a good stretch of gutter. The boats had about 3 good trips in them before they collapsed and turned mushy. So we came back and Jesse made two more fortified with crayon coating and a spray painted bottom for good measure. I don't think those lasted much longer but we had a blast:) Yay rainy days. Thanks for making us get creative.

ps- blogger I hate you for bleaching out my pics. Why are you muting my colors? We are not friends.

Getting ready

first run

Frank was loving this

Ollie needed some help once the boat turned soggy


Round two: Fortified boat
Happy Holidays everyone!


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