The Man of My Dreams

There are few fictional characters I would want to meet in person and Jack Sparrow is definetly one of them!  Most of you know how drooly I get about Johnny Depp anyway.  This guy was almost as good as the real thing.

On Saturday I covered the Santee Street Fair and he was waltzing around.  This impersonator was exceptionally good.  He had Jack's accent, gestures, and walk down to a tee and he never broke character.  He was a fantastic flirt with all the ladies and a ton of fun.  I could go on and on about my little crush...  He's name is Sam: The Last Real Pirate.  He is going to be auctioned off for a Ladies Night at a Bridal and Beauty Fair I am covering on the 6th.  If you all want some info go to my facebook page: Rachel Wattson Photography.


She is too hot to trot!

My baby sister Heidi went to Prom last night.  Wow!  It is weird to think that she is a Junior in high school.  I went over yesterday to do her hair and makeup and take some pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.


She started out so small...

Here is my only girl.  As most of you know, when we lost Willis, I felt the need to fill the void.   A dog is just a necessary part of our family.  It is extremely helpful when Jesse is gone for his 48 hour go arounds or scouting trips or whatever he is doing.  A dog keeps me company.  So, after much searching we settled on this little girl.  We found her up in Riverside County.  Almost $250 later she was clean, disease free and full of life.  We were told she was a Terrier mix, so she wouldn't get too big.  Oh, they were SO wrong.  She started like this... 

She was such a tiny pup.  She weighed about 7 lbs when we
got her!  She did the usual antics and still does occasionally chew
something she shouldn't.

Now, she has turned into this!  Pepper is 35 pounds and only nine months old!  We are glad to have her and she is becoming a very good dog... thanks to Ceasar Millan:)  I love her and I am truly grateful for her companionship.  Those of you who are thinking about getting a dog please remember that they need your time and attention and consistency.  You love them and they will love you forever:)


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