Creativity is brewing

I like to get creative but I never seem to meet my expectations for the finished product. My goal with my current project is to undermine my perfectionist self and let it be what it will be. Why would I do such a thing??? Because my kids will eventually destroy it.

I am creating a daily routine chart and chore chart for Frank and Ollie. I was feeling extra creative so I decided to go all out. I have been in the "creation" process for about 3 days now... that's good for me and a poster ok. I spent over two hours cutting out pictures of chores and pictures of the boys last night and gluing them in their proper places. Once I have the finished product I will post a picture. I am determined to be done by Saturday. Wish me luck!


My husband almost got me arrested!

There is a group of people in our ward that goes down to the beach every Monday for family home evening. They all pack dinner or come later for dessert. Our family decided to join said people at the sandy shores of La Jolla. It was a beautiful evening, though over cast, and the salty sea was a perfect 75 degrees. While Jesse and the boys were playing I cracked open an IBC root beer. Those are the ones in the fancy bottles that taste fantastic. Jesse bought them as a special treat for us big people. About 10 minutes later a cop rolls up, gets out of his car, and starts walking over to our group on the grass. We had about 25 people by this time. As he was walking I almost knew I was the one that did something wrong. He asked whose bottle it was.

"Mine," I almost shouted. I did not want someone else to pay for my hideous crime.
"That is root beer, right?" He asked smiling.
"Yea, it's IBC." I volunteered as I moved the bottle in my hand towards his face.
"You're not allowed to have glass anywhere on the beach."
"Oh, I thought it was just the sand." How dumb do I sound right now? There are "No alcohol, No glass, No smoking" signs stenciled every 20 feet on the sea wall. How did I miss that???
Thankfully the cop was cool. He told me I could put the root beer in a water bottle or a cup and drink it and stow my contriband in my cooler. Thank you SDPD for cutting a girl some slack.


Stress Factors

Stressed. Like a cold, we all get it from time to time and, just like a virus, it breeds. They are called stress factors. Individually they are harmless but one can breed another. Then they swarm your brain and whamo! Your stressed out!
My summers are always crazy. I teach my own water aerobics classes and sub for people who actually go on vacation. In between aerobics I teach children swim lessons and I am shooting weddings, family portraits etc when the opportunity arises. I just got two calls: one to take on another water aerobics class. Two, a land aerobics class. Admittedly, I am burning the candle at both ends. There has to be somewhere to draw the line. I think I found it! No more commitments for me. Now I just need to hang on for one more month to finish what I started. Inhale..... exhale. Ahhhh.
Let us reflect for a moment on our lives. Pin point things that are taking their toll on your brain and well being. Now eliminate one or more. Don't you feel better?


My day

I woke up.

I ran a mile and a half, maybe walk some too.
I cleaned the tub, sink, counters, and mirrors.
I forgot the toilet.... shoot!
I'll do it tomorrow.

My sons played with trains.
My swim lessons rocked.
My student Ruthie swam without me for the first time.
My mom and sister laughed with me, or at me.
My toes are cold.

I got to hang out with Ollie solo.
I watched him swim/drown (he needs to learn fear).
I cleaned up the trains, planes, and automobiles.
I put Ollie to bed .
I finally turned off the air conditioner.


The pulse of the home

The true pulse of home is mom. Mom's attitude and well being determines the atmosphere of the household. She is the one who gets things done. She is the one that makes sure every one's lives stay on track. Moms, especially stay at home moms, are essential to the attitude of the home. If mom is happy, you feel it. If mom is angry, you feel it. If mom is sad, you feel it. With that being said I want to give a little encouragement to those who need it most.... moms.

Yes, there is alot on your plate. You cook, clean, chauffeur, bandage, help, and comfort everyone within your sphere. Who does that for you? Make sure to take some time out ladies. By yourself, with your friends, or with your husband.

By yourself timeouts should happen everyday! At least a one to five minutes breather where you enjoy a piece of chocolate. Maybe a cool glass of water sitting in a lawn chair would do it. Just enjoy something for you once a day. My personal favorite is exercising while my kids are with Dad or in daycare.

Friend timeouts should be more frequent than they are. We, as mothers, sacrifice our friendships. We sacrifice alot! Try to get together with girlfriends. Maybe hang out with your mom or sisters. Some of my greatest times I have with my sisters is when I just happen to be going somewhere and they can come along. It makes shopping so much more fun:)

Hubby time outs are a must. Sometimes the two of you need to remember why you married each other. All relationship take effort ladies. That doesn't mean you HAVE to plan out a date every week. Sitters are expensive. Put the kids down and make a late dinner together. Curl up with popcorn and a movie. Don't forget to turn off the lights. Take 5 minutes and pull him into the bathroom (one of the few doors that has a lock in my house) and make out just to remind him how awesome you are.

Take a time out girl. It will all be there when you get back.


When Mom is away, boys will play...

Here is what happens when I go to teach a water aerobics class.

The boys (all of them) get bored and start to do crazy things:) They all played outside after dinner. Running, crawling, and jumping around. They got nice and sweaty before bed. Jesse then decided to give the kids a little dessert. A slice of cake with a smudge of jam and whipped cream. The kids were stoked! Once he got it ready he figured he'd each give them a shot of the whipped cream. They liked it so much he did it again and got it on camera so I could see it! Ha, ha! So funny:)



Sleep is so precious and illusive. It is always hovering above me. Flitting around like graceful butterflies waiting to be captured. I wish I had a proper net. Once the kids are in bed it feels like there are a million things to do. I do those and by the time I am done and unwinding it's about 11 pm. Why...sniff...why can't I get done earlier??? So here is my attitude tonight. It will all be there in the morning! Time to ice my aching back, vegetate, and go to bed!


Water and Land Animals

Water and land are two different worlds. Gravity pulls us down and water pushes against us in all directions. Some of us naturally take to land or water better. I am part fish myself. I have been teaching water aerobics for about six years. I find it challenging and an excellent workout. It may not look like much from above the water but if you get in and start working with us you come to find it's not so easy. Water aerobics is great for injured athletes, people with joint problems, back pain, sciatic nerve issues, obesity, etc. Looking for a great way to firm up post pardom? Head to the water.

I was getting ready to teach today when an aerobics instructor I knew came on deck. I have taken his cardio salsa class and the man can DANCE! He runs circles around me on the aerobic floor. John told me he was getting certified for water and let me know he would be taking my classes. I cautioned him that water aerobics feels VERY different (mister impecable rythm) and told him that it might take him a few classes to catch on to the movements and timing. He said he was game.
"Sweet, jump in and let's get started." I chirped, secretly laughing my evil laugh (muaaah. Muaahaha, muhahahahah! It's payback time. MUAAHHAHAHA!)
My workout was well rounded with a good variety. All my students liked it. I kept peeking over at John, who was totally out of his element, hoping that he was doing things right. Why is it that when we don't know what we are doing we go to the BACK of the class??? Hello, you should be at the front. This is most important when you are in a water aerobics class. It is necessary to be close to the instructor to see what she/he is doing and so we can correct you if necessary to prevent injury. I could tell he was struggling but he stuck it out. By the end of class he seemed to understand the element H2O a little better. We work with the water. We use the resistance and enjoy the challenge. Welcome to my world, it's going to be a wavy ride:)



That is what is happening everyday. Day in and day out we put something off thinking we "have time." NO, you don't. Stop waiting! Don't put it off. If you want it, go for it. Yes, you are worth it.


Dirt, dust and grime.

My calling at church involves planning activities for the Elders quorum. The first one that I planned was the Summer kick off camp out. It was to be held out at the mud caves. We planned for the last weekend in June, and it happened to be the start of all the hot days this summer. The camp out was for the elders and their sons if they had any. What a perfect opportunity to get Frank to the great outdoors. He has been to little places for camping before but never like this. I didn't bother to bring a tent. We slept in the back of my truck instead. Frank was so excited. He couldn't wait to get to the caves.
We have hit some bumps in the past with the truck, but have never been off-roading. The road to the caves was dirt and rutted. I think Frank is hooked. He loved every second of it. He got to stay up late, and finally asked to go to bed at 10:15. It was so hot that he slept in his underwear. Bight and early the next morning my mountain man was up and begging to see the caves. After breakfast, we all headed up. I started with an easy hike to see how he would do. Curiousity took control and fueled his body for the whole day. We had to bring in our own light so Frank and I strapped on head lamps and headed for the good ones. You would think the boy grew up in the caves the way he would just run around. I couldn't keep up with him. The narrow spots didn't slow him down one bit. It didn't hurt the they were above his head and he never really came close to a narrow spot. Dad, on the other hand, was squeezing though and trailing far behind. Frank even wanted to scale the rope at the end of the cave.
"let's do another cave!" he exclaimed.
Our camp out ended after one more cave and lunch. The road back was clear, and our speed was a little faster leaving than coming in. That didn't stop us from doing a couple of doughnuts in the dirt (see the video). After we were all funned out, we headed home. To my surprise Frank was passed out while driving down the dirt road.
The kicker was when he woke up about 30 min later and said
"Dad what is this? It's gross."
I said "Where did you get it from?"
Frank replied, with a dead pan face, "my nose."
"Oh" I replied "its a camp booger"
"Okay." he said.
It was a great trip for this father and son, and I look forward to many more like it.
The little prince in his royal bed.

Ready for the caves

Made it to the top all by himself, and had a cool light to boot.

A free lesson in gravity. This was the easy way down the little hill, and more fun. It got him so much more dirty this way.

The last cave, lunch cave. This is a happy boy, dirty, tired, but happy


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