Real Canadians

Oliver is my boy with an imagination.  He loves telling stories and playing pretend.  One night he was running around the house in his pjs with a rubber band around his head like a sweat band.  Then he added a cape to this costume.  "I am Oliven the Strong," he proclaimed.
"Oh, hello, Oliven." I replied.
"I am a strong Canadian," he continued.  "Strong canadians wear king rubbers like these." He said as he pointed to the rubber band cutting off the circulation around his forehead.  Oh this kid cracks me up!

Thursday night of last week we had the sister missionaries over for dinner.  Both were new to our ward so we asked the usual questions like: "where are you from, how many brothers and sisters, etc."
One of the sisters happened to be from Canada.
"Ollie," I said "she's a Canadian."
Ollie looked at her unimpressed.  He said"Oh." and nothing more.  Apparently, she was not what Canadians were suppose to look like.  I think he was expecting more of a viking type?

Maybe if the sister had come over dressed like this?------------------>
Then again, maybe not.


Entertain me!

Does anyone else get on their blog and start trolling other peoples blogs looking for something to entertain?  I find myself getting on my blog, which I haven't written on in weeks, going down my list of blogs I follow and looking for something to read.  I almost get annoyed when there is nothing new there.  Curses!  Everyone else has been too busy to write something for my enjoyment.  It doesn't take that long... really.
How funny is it that I depend on others to dish about what is going on in their world when I haven't been writing about mine?  This doesn't mean I am going to change.  Making promises I can't keep is a habit I am trying to break.  I can't promise that I will faithfully write everyday, or even every week.  I can't guarantee that I will document important stages or moments in my children's lives.  I make no promises!  Ha!  It feels amazing to have no accountability.  What I can say is this: taking time to sit down and read what you have to say and show is enjoyable so in the future I will attempt to reciprocate with something enjoyable as well on no regular basis.

Quick family update for you: In January, Frank broke his arm, Ollie got road rash on his face, and Charlie is starting to sleep through the night.  Jesse is in the fire academy and I am trying to keep up with 4 hungry males in the house while getting my photography business rolling again.  Now go take on the day.


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