Halloween happens before Halloween

Am I the only one who feels this way?  Our kids had trunk or treating, costume parades and Halloween parties all before Halloween night.  It was cold and wet at our house on the 31st so I asked the kids if we could skip trick or treating down town.  They took pity on me.  We watched Hotel Transylvania and had homemade pizza instead.  Here are some fun pictures of Halloween before Halloween.

Charlie after his pre school pumpkin patch field trip
Lucy, the cupcake and me, the color pink at our church Halloween party.
Frank: Captain Rex
Oliver: Mad Scientist
Charlie: Super Why
Our friend Hailey: gangster
Pumpkin carving time!!!!!!

Dinosaur, pirate, gypsy and crystal ball.
These are just the pictures I got of all that we did!
Here is hoping Thanksgiving only happens once ;)


Fluffy, dairy free waffles!!!

My weakness is a good, hefty breakfast.  I would eat a full brunch buffet every morning if I could.  Since the effort is too great and my waistline wouldn't fair well I settle on treating myself every once in a while.  Pancake and waffle mixes have never been up to my high standard and I like making things that I know all the ingredients involved.  Since my sweet baby has dictated that dairy is a big no no creating a light delicious waffle was getting harder... until now.

Light, fluffy, dairy free waffles

2 c coconut milk 
2T lemon juice
2 eggs or the equivalent of chia seeds and water
2 c flour (white or wheat.  I usually do half and half)
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar or agave nectar
1/2 tsp salt
6 T coconut oil

Heat you waffle iron and get ready to rock your taste buds!
Put the 2T lemon juice in a measuring cup that holds more than 2 cups liquid.  Add coconut milk to the measuring cup until it meets the 2 cup line. Let it sit for 5 minutes.  Measure out 6T coconut oil keep it in solid form and set aside.  In a large mixing bowl combine all dry ingredients.  Add 2 eggs to your coconut milk mixture and beat.  Pour wet ingredients into large mixing bowl with dry ingredients.  Add coconut oil and beat until all ingredients are well mixed.  The batter will be thin but don't sweat it.  Pour onto waffle iron (about a 1/3 cup per Belgian waffle).  This makes about eight waffles.  I usually top these babies with some homemade mixed berry topping.  Enjoy!


Our first trip back to San Diego

'twas the day after Christmas about 8 in the morn.  I hauled all the kids out to the car with a yawn.  The car was all pack by yours truly, you see and to stay one more second was not ok with me.  
I struggled through Christmas Eve and Day all alone.  It was high time that our Daddy was home.  Not home, but with us, as we traveled down south.  In search of family, direct sunlight, and Mexican food that makes happy your mouth.
We picked up said daddy from work on our way.  All of the boys shouted hip, hip, hooray.  "Mommy is grumpy.  I'm tired of driving.  Are we there?," were all common phrases that tripped through the air.  
We drove and we stopped and we drove, drove some more.  "Geez, this is taking too long and I'm bored!"
We drove and we drove.  From morning till night.  After 14 LONG HOURS we saw Grammie's house lights.
Unload and sleep was the first thing to do and all of the rest came in a slew.
We first went to Sea World it was crowded, but fun.  The kids got to play and the shows?  We watched one.  
It was good when I got to visit my Pure Fitness Pool crew.  Everyone thought that Lucy was really cute too.
We visited Jesse's family, a first meeting for Lu.  She handled it well.  She smiled and cooed.  The boys climbed a hill and opened some presents.  Christmas extended!  I heard no objections :)
Sunday was special.  We blessed our sweet girl.  She looked so beautiful in her dress.  Flower with pearl.  My treasure: my family.  I know I can't do without.  It is now complete.  I have no breath of doubt.
Dropped Dad at the airport.  Work calls him back home.  Thank goodness the rest of us have more time to roam.  
Sister time!  I wish we could make it last longer.  All our goofy ways make our bond that much stronger!
We spent time with more friends and hiked a mountain (well, the boys anyway).  We relaxed and we played and they wanted to swim one fine day...
It lasted two seconds!  My kids yelped as the cold seeped into their hide!!  So they settled for playing outside the water, with a hose and water slide.  
All to quickly for me, our time came to an end.  We had to pack up the car and say farewell all over again.  Thank you everyone for making our trip so great!  We will be coming back soon.  I really can't wait.

Our vacation in verse.  I really can't believe I did that... on my phone even.  Writing about our travels back is a post in itself!


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