The Future of our Family

My family is destine to be famous... well not really but we usually put on a good show.  We all went to the zoo and I got to give my new lens a test drive.  It performed rather well.  Unfortunately we had a cloudy day.  Not the good cloudy, even over cast cloudy either.  It was the " I can't decide wether I want to let the sun shine through a little, a lot, or just bust up my gray cover" cloudy.  Yes, in my world, clouds do talk and they upset me sometimes with their indecisive ways.  Anyway, near the end of our visit we went to the Sea Lion Show.  Frankie really wanted to be picked as a volunteer and didn't.  He was bummed but got over it.  As we left the show we saw some acrobats, two young men and one young woman, setting up for a performance.  The zoo is currently running their summer theme "Zoo Night Life: Art, Acrobats, Animals".  Eventhough we were about to leave we decided to stick around and watch it and got a great spot right up front.  One of the performers was handing out martigra beads.  Frankie starts jumping up and down, waving his hand, trying to get her attention.  She ran out of beads right before she got over to where we were standing.  Talk about bum luck!  The boys did their act and no I didn't get any pictures because I had put my camera in my bag.  After they were done they asked for a volunteer.  Frankie, once again, jumped up and down, waved his hand, hoping to be picked... and he did get picked!  Of course I busted out my camera for that one!

Frankie was pretty excited to be picked but once he got up there he was so stoic.  It was too cute.  He was very good at following directions and the girl gave him beads and a monkey for being such a good volunteer.  Patience is a virtue:)  After Frankie came back to me they started looking for another volunteer.  They were looking for someone big.  They pointed straight past me and ended up picking Jesse.  Haha!  Two participants in one show.  Take that Sea Lion Show:)


Summa, Summa, Summatime!

Since summer began so much has happened.  Frankie and Ollie have taken to the water like fish first and formost.  Frank is most impressive.  He is already working on his butterfly and deep water diving... no kidding!
Ollie is still Mr Evil Canevil!  Here are some recent pictures.

We had many UFO sightings: Unstoppable Flying Ollie

Can you believe this boy is going to Kindergarten this year??

Sword Fights are really fun with these noodle swords.  I have to say at one point it got pretty violent.

My only niece Monroe and her girly pink tutu suit:)

My beautiful sister Erin: currently pregnant with grandchild #6

Our summer has been filled with swimming, friends, and fun.  We have gone sailing, hikes Cowles Mtn., gone to the Zoo, and spent time with family.  There is so much to catch up on I don't think I can BUT at least I am back into blogging.


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