I like to ride my bicycle

Jesse and I love to have family days when he is home. We got the opportunity to buy a kid bike that attaches to mine. We got a chair for Ollie and with that bike for Frank... instant family day. Grammie and Heidi joined us for a round about Santee lakes.
Frank showing off his "new bike" to Grammie
Ollie and Frankie ready to rock!
Taking the trail
Ice Cream Break
Did you know that ducks like Cheezits?


If you chance to meet a frown....

My children have a new game: Lets see how many of mom's buttons we can push before 9 am!

I'm not a huge fan of this game but they seem to enjoy it and love to tag team too. It's kind of like good cop, bad cop. One is fine and sweet while the other is weepy and/or grumpy. (Breathe, two... three... four...)
This morning we start off WRONG! It is a rule in our house to get dressed and then you can have breakfast. I do this because I hate having to haul the kids back up stairs after breakfast to get ready for the day. I tell Frankie to get dressed and get his shoes on as I get Ollie in his clothes for the day.
"Ok," he says... and starts to play.
"Frank, get dressed. Your clothes are right there."
"No, I don't want to." he retorts and runs to the bathroom.
?.... What? What happened in that thirty second time span? I decide to let it go. He knows he won't eat unless he is dressed so I figure when he's hungry enough he will comply. So, Ollie and I go down stairs to eat.
While I am downstairs I hear him go to his room to dress and two minutes later I hear crying, weeping, lamenting, and a bunch of blubbering I can't understand coming from the boys room.
"Just relax..." I remind myself "don't feed into it."
Once he finally calms down I find out he was crying because he needed help with his sock.
SERIOUSLY??? That much energy over a sock??
We finally settle down to eat, after the boys fight over whose turn it is to say the prayer, when Ollie starts.
"Ollie, stop rubbing your spoon in your hair. Your spoon is for eating your yogurt." I say, my voice starting to find it's edge.
"Grrrr.... you know what???" He growls at me giving me his heaviest eyebrows.
Frankie begins singing,"If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay..." I guess the food turned him into good cop.
"Stop it! I grumpy!" Ollie yells. I chastize him for yelling and it just gets better.
Frankie would rather run around the house instead of brush his teeth and cries when I tell him I need to help him.
Ollie insists on filling his OWN water bottle and spills some on the floor.
Frankie tells me as we are going out the door that he has some poop in his underwear.
Ollie is hitting Willis.
The rest of the water from the water bottle spills on the floor as we are stepping over the threshhold.... AHHHHGGH!
(this is where mommy looses it and both of my boys become perfectly compliant angels which almost erks me more at this point!)
All before 9 am.................


Through the eyes of a child

Everyone has had it happen to them. You download your pictures and 75% of them are pictures you don't remember taking! Frank was notorious for this so we decided to get him is own camera for his birthday (thank you family). I guess my camera is still more fun to play with. Here are some of his "captures" out of the 20,30,40 shots he took.

We were at a Veteran's Museum: huge tank! Frankie could squeeze in between the wheels of the tracks.

Very old canon

Down the loading end... I think

Us trying to get him to eat instead of take pictures

Who doesn't take a picture of their toes???

I hope you enjoyed the little bit of craziness.


Aspiring musicians

Frank and Ollie love using my piano.  They use it more than I do!  Every time I sit down to play they always ask to play too.  Sometimes it's easier to keep my talent dormant than to compete with up and comers!


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