It's been a while

I know that I have been MIA because of the new baby craziness.  There have been plenty of times that I have thought "gee, I need to blog."
Charlie has been a new kind of hard for me.  The honeymoon period ended around two weeks and the next 3 and a half have been hard.  I am talking tear evoking, sleep deprived, earnest prayers to God, hard!  Charlie has taken food sensitivity to a different level.  Food has been a thing I feared over the last couple weeks.  Through searching online, trial and error, and many suggestions I have finally figured out what I can and cannot eat.  In doing so, our nights have gotten better.  My diet is limited but Charlie no longer cries in pain for an hour at a time and if I do eat something wrong I can suppliment with goat's milk.  If any of you come across a kid that is sensitive to everything I have two suggestions.  One, take them to the chiropractor.  That was a huge help getting his digestive system right.  Instead of constipation woes and a sour tummy he poops regularly which is a blessing.  Two, try to suppliment with goat's milk.  It is the most like mother's milk and it works wonders for the little angel that can't handle certain foods you eat.  I know this phase will not last forever.  I know that things will get better and they are starting to do so.  Here are some pictures that I never got to share.

I love doing newborn pictures in black and white.  I don't really know why but it speaks simplicity to me and that is what babies are.  Sweet and uncomplicated... when they are sleeping:)  


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