In the movie "Up" the dogs that talk through their collars have total focus on the task at hand... well almost.  The will be talking when suddenly one will shout "SQUIRREL" and they all look for that illusive animal.  I applaud Pixar for pegging what dogs are thinking to the tee.  I can't tell you how many times my dog has been completely focused and then "SQUIRREL!"  The same can be said about four year olds.  Our family was driving up to Carlsbad on Easter Sunday.  Jesse and I were talking in the front seats when we hear this sweet little voice singing "Walk in the Light."  Touched by our son's choice in song we pause to listen to him finish the verse.  "Teach me to know all the things that are right.  Teach me, Teach m-- TRAIN!" he shouts pointing, spoting a train on the 52.  Think about this folks.  No trains around the 52.  It was funny enough that the child burst out with "TRAIN" in the middle of his song.  What made it funnier was that Jesse and I looked at each other at the same time and said "SQUIRREL".  You know when you think about it trains and squirrels are both pretty illusive:)


slighty OCD...

On Friday of last week it was confirmed to me that I have obsessive compulsive disorder.  I have had many people come into my house and say..."Wow!  It's so clean."  Their is an average standard of cleanliness that I must keep to remain sane but I didn't know how necessary it truly was until Friday.  My boys and I had a great day.  I taught my water aerobics class in the morning, we went home and got the dog and took off to the park.  The boys played on the play ground next to the dog park with little incident while I watched the dog inside.  We all were having fun and I was feeling so good!  As we were leaving I heard a Dad tell his brood of about 10 kids they were going for ice cream.   What a great idea!  Before you know it I had two happy boys in the back dripping with delight, a tuckered out dog in the front and a cone in my own hand.  We got home and as we walked in my good feeling disappated as I surveyed our out of control living room.  Shoes and bags everywhere, toys on the piano, desk, and counters.  Folded clothes in laundry baskets dampened my spirit as I finished off the night.  As soon as the kids were in bed I popped in a good CD and started cleaning.  There is something so fufilling about cleaning when you know it will stay that way.  It may only be while you are sleeping but you go to bed seeing it and wake up to it.  My kitchen became spotless as I scrubbed the oven, counters, table, and walls.  In the living room I was on clutter detail and stray sock duty.  That alone made a huge difference.  I cleaned off the stairs and got laundry baskets into our room.  Within 45 minutes I was at peace again.  As I looked around at my harmonious rooms I realized that being OCD isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe that is why I like gardening so much.  I am the only one making a mess and I am the only one cleaning it up.  My garden stays in a state of order and beauty continually.   

PS- I HATE it when the play dough colors get mixed together.  I literally have to internally chant "it's no big deal."  

this picture has nothing to do with the post but isn't it cute??


Is dating endangered??

That was the title from an article I was reading in the New Era Magazine.  The answer is yes.  Boys and girls don't know how to go out and have fun together in a dating situation.  There is alot of "hanging out but dating is dead.  Too many young people believe that being boyfriend and girlfriend is the only way to get to know each other.  I have eleven year olds in my class that have girlfriends.  Wha???  I asked them what having a girlfriend means to them.  When they tried to explain what their definition was it came out as a friend of the opposite sex that you can tell anything to, be comfortable around, and occasionally hold hands.  Why do you need a title for that?  Guys don't know how to treat a girl on a date and some girls don't know how to act when they are on a date.  Mothers, we need to do something about this.  We need to teach our young men how to treat a woman.  We should need to be our son's first date.  We need show them what is expected of them.  Fathers, same goes with you.  You should be your daughter's first date.  She should know what is appropriate by your example.  She needs to know what she deserves so that she doesn't settle for less.  Growing up without a Dad during my dating years I made more errors than I should have.  I emotionally exposed myself way too often seeking for male affection.  Looking back is slightly embarrassing.  In the beginning I too was under the impression that a boyfriend was the only way to get to know a boy.  Then as I began to date more I saw the wonderful world of possibilities.  I could go out with three or four great guys and have a blast without strings attached.  I had a stable group of friends and we would double or triple date.  Those few years were some of the funnest in my life.  Dating should be fun not complicated.  Dating someone means you two are getting to know each other.  Boyfriend and girlfriend stage should be seriously looking at marriage.    Sorry for the ramble but I am so tired of labels and titles for relationships.  Slow down world!  Don't go so fast!


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