Halloween guilt

You know how it starts.  You promise yourself you will exercise self control today.  The day starts off well.   You treat yourself to a piece, a small piece, of pumpkin fudge. Evening approaches and the candy bags that have been safely sealed, open.  As the chocolate aroma reaches your nostrils, resolve weakens.  No, stay strong.  That candy is for the trick or treaters.  You resist... until the kids come back from their own cavity inducing hunt.  The buckets are full.  They certainly can't eat it all.  Just one... mmmm.  That was enough.   Round two is trick or treating at Grandma's.  Oh no, Mom has the good stuff.  Maybe one more.  What is that on the counter?  Some gooey concoction of marshmallows,  chocolate, teddy grahams and butter baked into painful sweetness?   I better try it so I don't hurt anyones feelings.  Yup, my tongue is dancing and my stomach is rebelling.  Oops, a Twix fell out of my son's bucket.  Better just eat it.  By the end of the night I am on the couch drinking water and wishing that sugar had never been invented.


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