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I know that I have not been a very faithful blogger.  I haven't been journal writing either but a few things must be noted.
Jesse was called to be the Ward Mission Leader about a month ago.  What that means is we have the elders over more times than I can count within this last month!  I love the elders of the ward and all the work that they do.  Jesse, as always, is putting his heart and soul into this calling and loving every minute of it.  He has a ton of meetings to go to and is constantly going out with the missionaries.  I was called as a ward missionary as well so I get to participate in his calling much more than I have in others before.  I really am able to support him because I feel much more a part of what he is doing.
On top of being called to be a ward missionary I was called to be the primarty chorister as well.  I love this calling and am so excited to do both.  I love the kids in our primary.  Frankie is a very good participant even though mom is there.  The Lord has blessed us with another baby on the way and we are so excited to welcome #3 into our home.  I am only 9 weeks along so I am in the eww I am fat and sick stage.  Morning sickness is not too bad and my boys are really good about letting me take a nap when I need to "grow the baby."  We are all a pretty happy bunch here and can't wait for what life will continue to bring.  What that sounded a lot like a Christmas letter but it's not.  I'll write again before then.


Happy Halloween!

Here are my two swash buckling pirates on the school carrrrnival night.  I did a photo booth for their school.  These are their best pirate faces.
Halloween weekend was fun.  We did the carnival Friday night, the ward Halloween party Saturday night, and passed out candy at my Mom's on Sunday.  I was a parrot to go with my two pirates.  Everyone else got a picture of it for me and I didn't get someone to take one with my own camera.  I made the costume out of a blue downey material and it turned out great.  I'll see if I can't track a pic down and put it up.  I hope all of your adventures were safe and fun!


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