Keeping my head above water

So, the car ride up was brutal.  We started off at 10 am and unfortunately did not get there until 9:00pm.  Since my night's rest wasn't the greatest I tried to rest while my mom did most of the driving.  I would just get to sleep and hear Charlie from the back seat "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy.." 
"What?!" I would respond and be retorted to with toddlerese.  The gist of the translation: don't go to sleep mom.  No problem kid.
The last leg of our journey was up "the hill".  That is what the locals call it.  We are only 500 ft above sea level.  As we start winding our way up every town gets a little smaller.  We go through a town with one stop light.  The next one doesn't even have a stop light or a store of any kind.  Now I am getting nervous.  We finally roll into Boulder Creek.  Couple of store fronts, one or two grocery stores and the local bar etc.  Almost all are closed down and it is dark.  As we come to the only three way stop in town panic begins to settle in.  "Oh no!  I have moved my family to hickville!!!  Mom, we are in the middle of no where," I whisper/shriek.  In my over exhausted state of mind that is what it looked like.  We go down the road a few more minutes and make it to the house.  The moving van is there and only 1/3 unloaded.  Though my stepdad and stepbrother left the night before they took a longer route and had only arrived an hour before us.  I began to cry uncontrollably and begged my mom to find Jesse and bring him to the car.  Our amazing church members were working to unload the truck and I could not keep it together.  After talking to Jesse my angel mother took me and Charlie back down the hill to a hotel for the night.  Finding a hotel Memorial Day weekend was an adventure in itself!  After a better night sleep (Quality Inn really has amazing beds) we came back the next day.  Things looked less bleak but still small town.  After a crazy two and half days of unpacking and recovery I said good bye to my parents and stepbrother.  Unpacking is still in progress but our house is slowly coming together.  The boys love their new school and so do I.  The town is small but I do have access to most things I need in under 20 minutes.  I have made some friends but have yet to find a pool to fulfill my aquatic needs:). All in good time.  Here are some pictures of our first few weeks.
Boxes make good seats

Checking out the view

Coolest bridge: photo op!!!

Our backyard

Santa Cruz

Some of our backyard finds
Boxes everywhere!
My way to cope...
Charlie is in charge of his wardrobe
Saturday adventure: this little place is actually in Santa Cruz.  It is a satellite exploration station for Monterey Bay.

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